Father and Son Duet

June 3, 2014

I remember having a pair of shoes when I was younger that were just like my Dad's. I think that they had an earth tone patch work look. They might have even been ‘Hush Puppies’ brand. It was the 70's what can I say. I really don't remember much about the shoes themselves but I do remember we both had pair and I wanted my Dad and I to wear them at the same time often. Being like my Dad was the coolest thing in the world back then. 


Now, I have my own son. And he does the same. When I am practicing music at home he will get his toy guitar out and come 'jam' with me. He will copy my mannerisms. He say things that I say. I set a model for him. So, I am trying to be a person worthy of imitating. I don't want to just watch my actions around my son. I want to be a dad who doesn't have to watch his actions around his son because all his actions, whether in his son's presence or not, are coming from a heart/life/person worth imitating. 


So, I find myself trying be a person of integrity, honesty, hard work, compassion, a strong will, humility and faith. So, I strive to be these things so that my son will see how and an imperfect Dad can be worth imitating. I know that all my actions won't be worth imitation, but hopefully my son will at least imitate the part of me that is striving to live a life like that is worth imitating.

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June 3, 2014

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